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Without our newsfeed, you’re late. Other news sources are slow, and you can’t rely on them for actionable, breaking news. Keeping track of hundreds of news sources is a full time job, and you have other important things to do. By the time other news sources cover news, the market’s already reacted, and the opportunity for profit is gone.

With our newsfeed, you get timely, accurate news almost the second it happens. You might know something important hours or days before the mainstream population knows about it. Our full time analysts scan hundreds of news sources continuously. That way savvy investors like you, who subscribe to our newsfeed, need only check their dashboard and email alerts.

Without our newsfeed, your portfolio is at risk. Tomorrow, today, in an hour or right now, something could happen that affects any one of the currencies you are holding. If you miss an early warning, you could miss your chance to sell off risky holdings and protect yourself from losses.

With our newsfeed, you get alerted about all your currencies. You can be sure that you will not miss any important warnings. You’ll get information well before everyone else and be able to get out of a risky position before the market responds to the news.

Without our newsfeed, you follow the same generic, bot-generated information as everyone else. Bots can’t interpret what they see. So you are likely to miss important news and waste lots of time sifting through headlines and scanning articles… Read more…

14. March 2019 by Taiwo Talabi
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